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Dance and Studio News

Upcoming Events

  • June 18-19 - Early Bird Registration Days (4 - 8 PM) at Kenmor
  • June 18-19 - 2018 Recital Pictures Available
  • June 25 - 2018 Recital DVD's Available.
  • Summer Hours (June & July) - Mondays 4 - 7 (or contact us for an appointment)
  • Esther: Queen of Persia (July 27-29 & Aug 3-5) - Manitou Opera House
  • August Hours (by appointment)
  • Aug 13-17 / 23-25 - Triple Threat Camp
  • Aug 24 - Corn & Apple Dance Battle
  • Aug 25 - Cirque du Soul Mae (1:30 & 3:30)

For information on upcoming theatrical events, visit the Candlewick Productions website -

2018-2019 Season

DanceWorks New Fall Dance Information

Information on class and studio information regarding the new dance season starting this coming September will be released by June 18.

We remind everyone that though we work to provide as accurate a schedule as possible, we reserve the right to make adjustments to the schedule based on registration, unforseen changes in teachers schedules, and new opportunities. We also remind all parents and students that in order to make classes viable, we do require a minimum number of students in each class.

Fees for the 2018-19 year are as follows:

  • A regular 1-hour dance class registration: $320 plus GST for the year.
  • A 45-minute dance class registration: $250 plus GST for the year.
  • A 30-minute Stretch and Pointe class (taken with additional classes): $120 plus GST
  • A 1 1/4-hour Musical Theatre class: $350 plus GST for the year
  • A regular Xplor drama class registration cost: $250 plus GST
  • A 45-minute Xplor drama class registration cost: $190 plus GST
  • Costume Fees for all full-year dance classes: $65 (students aged 11 & under) $75 (ages 12 & up)

Click HERE to check out the 2018-19 season's dance schedule.

Please note - some classes are filling up and we are creating a waiting list on certain classes. If you are interested, please let us know so we can plan.

DanceWorks will also be excited to be hosting another Fall Family Classic. Interested students wanting key dance/drama roles are asked to contact the studio for private auditions in early September. Auditions will be held during the first week or two in September so we ask auditioners to please sign up over the summer and into that first week of September.


Sleeping Beauty 1 Sleeping Beauty 2


Auditions for Future Shows and Musicals

Recital Picture 2

Candlewick is currently considering a number of productions for the 2018-2019 year. Any persons interested in getting involved with these productions, either on-stage or off, are asked to connect with Richard for a meeting/audition (204-825-8406).

Thank you to those parents who provided pictures of various dance and theatre events.